Removal Of Asbestos And Mold In Older Homes

When Total Home services is called in to do a water damage clean up it is not unusual for it to be in an older home. As part of the water remediation clean up flooring and tiles are frequently removed. In many cases the flooring will have asbestos present and has to be delt with. It is also common in older homes to find mold present in basements and bathrooms. Needless to say Coquitlam Asbestos or Mold Removal
is a common occurance during any type of home renovation.

When Asbestos was considered safe and it was actually in toothpaste. Today however asbestos is viewed worldwide as a deadly carcinogen by health experts and scientists.

Background of asbestos

The use of Asbestos goes all the way back to historical times. In early times both the Greeks and the Romans were known to have woven asbestos into various items like cloth for funeral dress and shrouds.

The make up of Asbesto refers to six naturally occurring sinewy minerals and it could be found worldwide. Asbestos fibers have uniquie attribues such as reduced conductivity and very resistance to high temperatures as well as chemical attack. These qualities render it ideal for hundreds of materials for both commercial and residential applications.

What is it used for?

As a matter of fact from 1930s to 1990 there was a large use for asbestos applications in Canadian house-building components. In domestic houses asbestos can be found in:

1. Insulation panels
2. Shingles.
3. Roof Tiles.
4. Flooring tiles.
5. Several kinds of Cement.
6. Textured paint.
7. Patching Compounds.
8. Wall and Roof Joints.

Under what situations does Asbestos come to be a health threat?

Asbestos is normally not considered an overall health risk in the event that it is encapsulated in housing materials that have not been disturbed and remain in good condition. Asbestos is thought of as a health hazard if the fibres end up being disrupted and air borne.

Health Canada,explains health dangers caused by asbestos will hinge on:

1. level of fibres in the air.
2. length of exposure time.
3. frequentness of exposure.
4. overall size of fibers inhaled.
5. amount of time since first exposure.

In the event that Asbestos is breathed in quantity or over a long period of time. The fibers breathed in will build up and cause inflammation and irritability that has the capability to decrease lung function and lead to serious forms of cancer.

If you think you might have asbestos materials in your home and is friable, not actually in good condition, or has been damaged, you will really want to find a qualified professional to help get rid of or encapsulate the asbestos material as soon as possible.