How The Art Of Chimney Cleaning Has Evolved Through Time

The art of cleaning chimneys has come a long way since the onset of the industrial revolution. Like many other professions chimney cleaning also established in importance during that golden era. Due to rapid scale development of chimneys in almost every household, chimney sweeps started gaining much importance in the society. Although at that time this work was mostly done by small children but post few centuries this became a full grown profession for many men.

With the passing of time as more and more houses opted for a fireplace, the art of building chimneys also underwent rapid change. Many new safety features were installed and hardy and durable materials were utilized in making the perfect chimneys to suit the needs of every house.

Building and Construction Trends that Dominated 2015

A lot of positive predictions were made for 2015 in terms of building and construction. A lot of changes were anticipated to bring in a new era in construction.

According to Dodge Data and Analytics, the U.S. construction industry will rise 9% to $612 billion over the next year, trouncing 2014’s 5% gain to $564 billion. But this growth won’t be evenly dispersed, and the face of these construction companies is rapidly changing, both with how they do their work, and who (or what) is doing it. This coming year will bring big changes to the construction industry, and the trends outlined below will mark the start to a new era in construction.