Here Is How To Clean Your Tile Floors To Pristine Standards In Record Time

Tile floors can last for a very long time especially if taken care of in the right way. Luckily though when we compare tile floors to other types of floors, tile is quite a low maintenance type of floor. All that you need in order to keep your tile floor sparkling and clean is some soap or another kind of cleaning product of your choice and a good quality microfiber mop.

The big question is how often do we have to clean our tile floors? To start with, tile floors should always be dry mopped or hoovered at least two to three times a week to make sure you get rid of any loose pieces of dirt on the floor. They can give your floor the appearance of a dull look and finish. In the kitchen, however, you only need to clean your tile floor around 2 times per week. The bathroom even less maybe just once. The hardest thing about tile is the grout that you have to keep on top of which requires a bit more heavy-duty cleaning.

There are quite a few different types of tile floors so lets start with the most common which are ceramic and porcelain tile floors. These are usually quite easy to clean however it’s also hard to see the buildup of dirt. To clean this type of tile simply use some water with a microfiber mop or any type of all-purpose cleaner that you wish. Even dish soap works just fine.

When it comes to Marble & the Natural Stone types of tiles these require a little more care. When cleaning these types of tile floors always use soft-bristled brooms and brushes when sweeping because these types of tiles scratch much more easily than other types. Another very important tip when cleaning these types of tiles is to make sure that you do not use any type of acidic cleaner, for example, vinegar. Vinegar will completely damage the surface of these tiles. What ends up happening is because the vinegar is so acidic it ends up going into the micropores of the tile and actually damaging them.

The best all-around advice for cleaning tiles is just to stick to a microfiber mop and water. Unless you have really muddy dirty floors then you can use a mild cleaner, however, microfiber mops are also able to clean with just water and they can even tackle the tougher dirty spots. Just make sure that you have the right type of microfiber mop. You can find one here on The best type is the flat type and not the loop mop style. These types of microfiber mops get mopping done in half the time it normally takes you which is always a bonus.