Before You Install Flooring You Need To Do These Things

Before any flooring construction begins, you may have to look into these few things to avoid poor results:

If the concrete has newly placed, then you must ensure that it is completely dried before you start installing your flooring. If the concrete is not properly dried up, you may have to wait some days before starting the installation. An experienced and qualified contractor can tell how long the particular concrete needs before construction begins. He or she should also install a drainage for moisture away from the building

Flooring is the last process to be done in a building meaning it is sometimes not given enough attention. Contractors are usually faced with a shortened timeline to beat. This results in an avalanche of problems as the flooring material have to have enough time to acclimatize to the surrounding. The floor has to first adjust according to the humidity and temperature of the building for proper fitting.

Finding the right flooring contractor is mundane. Hiring unqualified cheap contractors will only lead to more problems. An experienced commercial flooring contractor will help you finish the project on time and within the stipulated budget. They will show you the right materials, advise you on the materials that will suit your floors best and help you have a successful and satisfactory installation.


To choose floors that best suit your company, you will need to consider some factors before residing to one option. Some of these factors may include:


Choosing floors for a commercial setting is not synonymous to choosing to the floor for your home. Commercial spaces tend to have more foot traffic and heavy machinery traffic that one needs to consider before any installation. Areas such as hallways, entries, lobbies, and corridors are prone to experience more foot traffic as compared to showrooms and actual offices. This will require you to install more durable material along the prior areas that are more resistant to wear and tear.

Other areas of the commercial building will need flooring with really high resistance to damage because of the heavy machinery accessing the areas and not merely footprints.


Commercial building owners are more inclined to buying flooring material that needs very minimal attention when it comes to cleaning. Different commercial flooring has different maintenance procedures.

A hard flooring surface is necessary for commercial flooring and should also be easy to clean and maintain. Areas that are susceptible to moisture and prone to the growth of mildew and mold should have commercial grade flooring.

Vinyl and natural stone are usually preferred for a commercial set up, mainly because of their aesthetic value. However, these two flooring types require high maintenance. Labor in cleaning the floors will be more intensive as compared to a carpet flooring.


When it comes to longevity of your flooring material, proper research is required for proper floor installation. Given it’s a commercial building, you need not replace your floors frequently as it may disrupt the flow of business. As a manager, choose floors that are not prone to scratch, staining or any damage easily. Most commercial flooring contractors suggest ceramic tiles for flooring and luxury vinyl tiles which have a hard underfoot but able to handle heavy traffic. These two materials last longer than all other flooring materials in the market.

Some carpets are also tailored to suit the commercial set up. The carpets usually have high resistance and can withstand heavy traffic.


Choose floors that will not pose a threat or danger when cleaning is in progress. You can opt for carpeting or rubber floors to prevent this dynamic

Aesthetic value

Flooring can easily determine the ambiance of your commercial space. If you want to achieve a cozy, inviting and warm mood, then carpeting or broadloom will serve the purpose unquestionably. They also tend to absorb excessive noise in places that need quiet time such as hospital rooms and schools.

If you want to have a little bit of classy feeling, you may want to consider hardwood flooring, porcelain or marble. These types of flooring will alleviate the value of the building.



Do not just hire anyone who refers to themselves as a contractor. It is crucial that you do your research on which company you want to incorporate in your floor installment process. Hiring a wrong contractor will cost you dearly and will leave you with regrets and poor results. You can get references of qualified professional contractors from manufacturing companies, commercial setups that have recently done their floors or even online. Be sure to ask about past experiences or portfolios of previously done floors by the construction company. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a commercial flooring contractor:


As a manager, sometimes you may not see the value of hiring a professional flooring contractor to revamp your floors. This is a gross oversight that will lead to a series of problems in the long run. An experienced flooring contractor can test the subfloors for stability and prepare it efficiently for installation. A good contractor can also help you when it comes to choosing the right floors for your commercial setup for an affordable pricing. The professional will be able to establish whether the company needs new floors or simply to upgrade the maintenance level previously followed.

Profound planning

A good and qualified flooring contractor will find it quite easy to transition from one step to the next leading is result oriented planning and outcome. Experienced commercial flooring contractors stipulate what is to be carried out, when and for how long. This detailed explanation will help you save a lot of time and also plan around the floor installation process. A qualified commercial flooring contractor is usually very strict and flexible when it comes to constructing floors. They are time conscious and work within the time frame they provide to give you the best results.


A professional commercial flooring contractor will always keep you in the loop during the floor installation process. These updates will help you understand the construction process and also keep tabs on the flow of the whole process whether it is ongoing, the challenges and the drawbacks. External factors such weather, transport sometimes even electricity may slow down the construction process. A professional flooring contractor will advise accordingly on how to speed up the process and still work within the budget as he or she understands the dynamics of the market and construction.

Operational efficiency

tips on new flooring

A professional commercial flooring contractor offers more than just the installation of floors to your space. He or she can assist with movement or relocation of furniture to a storage facility, removal of the previous flooring, the installing process and after that cleaning of the floors. A qualified and professional commercial flooring contractor will ensure that the installation was done properly, and the floors will be of service extensively.

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