Ways In Which Your Roof Helps Save Energy

Most homeowners do not consider their roof as an important aspect to help them save money in the house but it is actually the biggest money saving tool in your house. Energy costs account for 50% of the home expenses for many households and this can be much more when there are harsh weather conditions hence the need for a good roof. installing the right roof is good but it is not enough. The roof should be well maintained to help you reduce energy costs every other month. Here are some ways in which your roof helps you save energy.

A properly installed roof insulates your house from external weather conditions. During installation a layer of insulation is installed under the roof to ensure that cold and heat do not get through the roof into the house. During summer you need the house to stay cool and during winter you need it to stay warm. If your roof does not insulate the house well the air conditioning will have to work harder to maintain the temperature that you want because of interference from the air on the outside. When the house is well insulated it means that the conditions inside are maintained for longer than they would be if the roof wasn’t insulated. If your roof is old and the insulation has come out, you could have it replaced when you are doing major repairs on your roof.

Without proper ventilation on the attic then the house can become really hot during summer months. This heat can penetrate to the rest of the house and cause the air conditioning to use more energy to keep the house cool. It is therefore important that the attic is well ventilated so that there is proper circulation of air through the attic. The ventilation includes intake vents and exhaust vents. the exhaust vents are placed up on the attic and this is where hot air exits the attic from. The intake vents are placed beneath the eaves and take in fresh air from the atmosphere and pass it through the attic keeping it cool.

The color and the material used determine the reflective properties of the roof. Bright colors are good reflectors while dull colors are good absorbers. It is important to buy shingles that will reflect the sun rays to keep the roof warm. Such shingles will usually be rated as energy efficient and they will also last longer because the base of the shingles remains cool. Such roofs when used in combination with insulations and vents on the roof will really keep your energy bills on the minimum.

A roof therefore should be well treated and taken care of to enable the home owner make energy savings for a really long time.