Assessing For Slow Water Damage

Water damage could occur when you see floods of water in the house but it could also be occurring silently in the house without your knowledge and in spots that could be out of your sight. This could be due to leaking pipes hidden under your house or in your basement. It could also happen due to water seeping underneath your house during heavy rains and also when the roof leaks. When water damage happens slowly it leads to damage to parts of the structure and also causes growth of mold which can be fatal to the family. Here are some of the signs that you could be suffering from a water damage emergency.

When water damage happens there will be growth of mold and mildew in spots where the house becomes wet. When this happens, the air around you house changes in quality and you will smell some funny odors emanating from the growth of these substances. The smell could be emanating from the basement or the walls where water might have been accumulating for quite some time. When the smell becomes detectable it means that therefore the growth of mold is significant and remediation will be needed.

Warping, buckling and sagging
This is visible especially on the wooden floor boards of the house. When you see the boards disconnecting from one another, protruding or sagging then it shows that they have taking in a lot of water and moisture. This is a clear sign that you have some water intruding into your house.

When things soak with water they are going to expand. When you notice some expansion of the floor boards and other wooden parts of the house like the wall then this is a sign of water damage. The materials will swell and separate causing what was once compact to become loose and seem increased in volume.

Discoloration and spots
When there is a roof leak you see a discoloration on the ceiling. It usually starts as a spot and eventually it becomes one big patch that is usually yellow, brown or copper colored. On the walls you can see the paint or the wallpaper peeling off or bubbling above the surface. This is usually a sign that there is excess moisture underneath or expansion of the wall.

Water pooling
Sometimes when there is a roof leak or a water pipe leak you will see pools of water formed in parts of the house or outside. This is a sign that you have water damage happening to your property. When you see the pool of water try to decipher the source and have it fixed before you come home one day and find everything under water.